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Patented connector-and-panel system allows quick, easy scalability of  manufacturing, closer to printing than heavy manufacturing. DecaDomes® are designed for mass-production.


Cost-effective solution for shelter, storage and greenhouse needs. Easy to Ship, Store, Use, and Re-use.  Guaranteed for ten years.


Hard-walled DecaDomes® are superior in every way to tents; Safer, more  secure, more durable, more re-usable than tents.


Multiple DecaDomes® can be delivered in a single shipping container, or truck and unloaded by hand or fork-lift. A single unit can also fit in a pickup or small trailer.


Vertical walls and high ceiling maximize floor space for user comfort.


The Rhombic Triacontahedral structures first popularized by Steve Baer (who called them Zomes) were a variation on the dome theme and were made of ten walls, and ten roof panels.  But Zomes still used a framework of 2x4 lumber, and were constructed in a conventional way.


Choice of panels allows easy customization for any climate. Light-weight, man-portable panels allow fast assembly anywhere, with simple tools. Different width panels for multiple-sized buildings from 10 to 18 feet in diameter.

NewHouse R & D has been making and field-testing prototypes and limited production models for years.  We have almost 100 building-years of successful field tests without a structural failure.We believe that the DecaDome® system has proven itself to be a superior way to build buildings that are efficient and comfortable to be in.  Because of their utility and competitive advantages, we believe that DecaDomes will fill a significant niche in the market for temporary shelter and storage.

Why Choose Decadomes® ?